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Overnight Investigations

Overnight Investigations

Overnight Investigations

Would you like to spend the night in Tennessee's most infamous hospital? Here is your chance to spend 10 hours in the south's most haunted location!

Overnight investigations are from 8pm to 6am, enjoy 10 hours in this haunted location. . 

Cost is $600 plus tax for 1 to 8 people. Over 8 people is $75 additional per person.


For more than 8 people the charge is 75 dollars per person.  

Example: For 12 people, the total charge is 900 dollars. 

Please email us at or call us at 423-228-7082 to make a reservation. 


Daytime Investigations

Overnight Investigations

Overnight Investigations

 Come walk the halls of this building during the daytime! 

Starting at 11am until 3 pm enjoy investigating this active location during daylight hours. 

The cost is 35 dollars plus tax per person, with a minimum of 6 people. 

These can only be scheduled by emailing us at  Please email us at or call us at  423-228-7082  to make a reservation.  


Public Investigations

Overnight Investigations

Public Investigations

So everyone is asking how our public overnights work .

These public investigations are usually the second friday of ever month. We limit most of these to the first 40 people. When we have guest appearances we will increase the size of the group to 60 to cover the costs involved with bringing in talent. Guests are split into smaller groups led by team members of the building. All groups are led by our in-house investigators. Each of our team members have no less then 5 years experience in the paranormal and no less then 3 years experience in our location. 

Dinner Includes Cheese , Sausage , and or pepperoni pizza from our local pizzeria and Coke branded soft drinks.


Cost is $65 per person and tickets can be purchased through the website


Below is the estimated itinerary:

6:30 -7:15 Check-in 

At this time you will receive your colored wristband that puts you into your investigative group. Most events no more then 10 people per group and we will keep family and friends together. 

7:15-8:00- Introduction

Meeting to explain investigation rules , talk of the history of the building , meet your team leader and get ready for investigation.

 8:00-9:00- Rotation 1

 Each group will separately head to the designated location to begin round 1 of the investigation. 

9:00-10:00- Dinner Break and Spirit Telling time  

10:00 -11:00- Rotation Number 2 

11:00-12:00- Rotation Number 3 

12:00-12:15- Bathroom Break 

12:15-1:15- Rotation Number 4 

1:15- 2:30- Free roam 

2:30-3:00- Recap


All is subject to change Rotation areas are currently as follows:

 First Floor Lobby, Patient Rooms , Immediate Care Clinic, Lab Area  2nd Floor ICU, Nurse Station, Respiratory, Patient Rooms 2nd Floor Tri City Clinic area including Pharmacy , ER, Xray 3rd Floor Operating Rooms , Maternity Ward, Pysch Rooms, Recover Room, Surgery Scrub in area


Thanks and any questions please feel free to contact us.  


Important information


Rules of Daytime and Nighttime Investigations


Absolutely NO Ouija boards, sageing, crossing over, seances, or provocation is permitted in or on the grounds of the building. 


For overnight investigations, there are no sleeping accommodations provided. If you want to take a nap, you must supply your own sleeping bag or air mattress. There is furniture for sitting and relaxing but beds are not provided.


ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS will be permitted on or around the building. If we see it, smell it, or have any suspicion these are being used you will be immediately escorted off the premises, your investigation will be terminated, and no refunds will be given. 


Writing on the walls is no longer allowed and will be considered vandalism. Please treat our building as you would your own home. 


Any damages incurred to the building will be the responsibility of your group and you will be charged fair market value to fix what was damaged.


Restrooms are supplied and are on the first floor adjacent to the entrance doors. This is the only restroom available in the building, please do not use any other restroom in the building. 


Certain areas of the building will be locked and off limits during your investigation. These areas are locked and undergoing restoration and are not accessible. Please do not try to enter these areas. If you are caught in an area of the building designated No Admittance you will be asked to leave the building and will forfeit the rest of your stay. 


A team member will be available and in the building at all times. Your group will be given a two-way radio at Check In to communicate with this staff member. We are here to answer questions, supply equipment, or help out in the case of an emergency. We will in no way interfere in your investigation unless we feel a rule is being violated.


All persons attending an investigation must sign waivers, must have a valid state issued ID. and must be 18 years or older. For attendees under 18 years of age, special permission must be granted by a staff member prior to the date.


Equipment Rental

 Forget your equipment or just want to try a new piece of paranormal equipment?

 OSPHPRC is now offering state of the art equipment for rent. 

Terms and conditions do apply and a security deposit is required for all rental equipment.  

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We want to thank eveyone for their on-going support of this amazing building. We are incredibly excited to keep this building alive with tours and investigations. Please join us in supporting tenesses's rich history. By the way this location is just a tad bit haunted!

Old South Pittsburg Paranormal Research Center

1100 Holly Ave, South Pittsburg, TN 37380, US

(423) 228-7082 or (815) 216-5724



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